65 Horses :: REISSUE :: Thanksgiving

John found a J3 he wanted to buy. I’m not sure how but he found it. He has a knack for it. It was about 25 miles from Colorado Springs and belonged to a woman named Donetta. Donetta’s real story…

65 Horses  ::  REISSUE ::  Thanksgiving



John found a J3 he wanted to buy. I’m not sure how but he found it. He has a knack for it. It was about 25 miles from Colorado Springs and belonged to a woman named Donetta. Donetta’s real story can not be done justice here. Only she can tell that story.

The plane was her loving late husband Gary’s yellow Cub. He used to woo her with it back in the seventies, buzzing low and professing his love to her over the sound of the 65 horse Continental engine. He was taken from her before his time should have been up, and with a vengeance she was going to see to it that his Cub which had not been flown since the mid eighties was restored. It was not an easy journey for Donetta or for the plane. It was finally sort of completed and granted airworthiness recently and flown 10 miles to her house where she mowed that sparse, western “grass” on the hill behind the unique home she and her late husband built.

John, Bushy and I drove from Ohio to Colorado to pick up the plane. We made it there at 9PM –about 30 hours after we began the journey. She greeted us with the best chicken noodle soup I’ve had and an impressive stack of log books from the antique plane. She furnished us with grand personal stories and the weather report, which seemed rather grim–in a windy way.

We admired the plane with some flash lights and slept like babies (except for Bushy who slept more like a DJ–making record scratching sounds all night with his sleeping bag and air mattress. He would later refine his DJ sound-scapes with more organic sounds when he became infested with a cold on the way back).

The only thing that can beat Donetta’s soup is her 5 course breakfast. While she made that we went over the plane and questioned the last mechanic’s license. We were about to fly across the country in a craft with a couple missing cotter pins on attach points of the wing. hmmmmmmm. There’s nothing quite like a thorough pre-flight.

We made a couple quick mods here and there and accepted the latest signatures as fact, because, let’s face it, signatures make airplanes fly.

The adventure ahead and the emotional goodbye for Donetta was a strange concoction. It seemed like a scattered dream but I will remember it forever (especially since there was a camera–thanks camera, i love you).

John Graham taxied that little plane up the hill and used almost all of the runway against the wind’s wishes.

The rest of the adventure is left to the imagination.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. There’s a whole buncha stuff to be thanking everything and everyone for.

THIS JUST IN (2010):
I understand lots of people are having trouble viewing videos on Vimeo. I do too sometimes…in fact I am right now at my public library. For this reason I’ve made some DVDs. So far just “Season 1” is ready. It’s well over 2 hrs of our finest stuff.

Here’s the table of contents:

-Any Given Sunday
-Go Home
-Progressive Party
-Final Exam
-My Loop’s too Phat
-Searching 22
-Wrong Button
-Big Creek Four
-New Holstein
-Ice Rocks Baby (without music)
-Screen Saver (tail cam of Montana, Idaho, and more–good for lobby monitors at your airport)
-Found More Airports
-Bad Desire
-Out of Retirement
-Invasion of Linda Long

It’s 15 bucks with shipping included and it’s on the ohiobushplanes.com site.

AND for now, “Last Car Standing” my ole Demolition Derby movie is included free free free–in a little yellow envelope that you can watch as a cool-down from all the flying videos.
Tis the season to get free stuff.
–or you could think of it as not free and 6 bucks per DVD and 3 dollars shipping.
–or you could think of it as all free and 15 bucks for shipping and handling. The possibilities are endless with this thinking thing. Thanks for tuning in.

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