KPCS: Saul Rubinek #236

Join special guest host Samm Levine as he sits down with actor/director Saul Rubinek (Unforgiven, Cruel But Necessary). Saul shares the unbelievable story of his family’s journey to America. And yes, he also talks about Warehouse 13.

KPCS: Will Sasso #231

Join Kevin as he sits down with actor Will Sasso (MADtv, The Three Stooges). Laugh as the two gentlemen craft new celebrity impressions and discover what silliness Will created while anticipating work.

KPCS: Lauren Collins #230

Kevin sits down with actress Lauren Collins (Degrassi: The Next Generation) as they discuss her lifelong career. Lauren chats about beginning to act at 7, starring in Canada’s premier teen drama, and currently taking the industry into her own hands.

KPCS: Bill Burr #212

Join Kevin as he sits down with veteran comedian Bill Burr (You People Are All the Same) as they discuss his career in stand up comedy and acting. Bill chats about being in the comedy trenches, writing bits while working…

KPCS: Will Forte #210

Join Kevin as he sits down with actor Will Forte (Saturday Night Live, Nebraska) as he discusses his career beginnings in television writing transcending onto the big screen. Will chats about his passion for singing James Ingram, his lost SNL…

KPCS: Todd Glass #209

Join guest host Paul Sheer as he and Todd Glass discuss Todd’s comedic career. Todd chats about his teenage self opening for the legendary Patti LaBelle, genuinely enjoying his time on a reality series, and how his fellow comic friends…