Comedy (Theater Genre)

KPCS: Vince Gilligan #253 (Audio Only)

Join Kevin, Samm, and Jaime live from Largo, Los Angeles as they chat with seasoned television producer Vince Gilligan. In great depth, Vince discusses writing, producing, and directing some of tv’s greatest series from The X-Files to creating Breaking Bad,…

KPCS: Kelly Carlin #252

Join Kevin as he sits down with Kelly Carlin as she chats about her newly published book, A Carlin Home Companion: Growing Up with George. Kelly divulges stories about how growing up around the comedy community of the 70s forged…

KPCS: Richard Benjamin #251

Kevin sits down with actor-director Richard Benjamin (Westworld, My Favorite Year). Richard shares old school Hollywood stories (like working with a young Mel Brooks), and an inspired tip for keeping your eyes open while shooting a gun in a western.

KPCS: Kyle Bornheimer #247

Join Kevin as he sits down with actor Kyle Bornheimer (Angel From Hell, You Again). Kyle is living proof that one can form a gratifying acting career despite having to utilize LA public transit for the first five years in…

KPCS: Seth Green #244

Join guest host Samm Levine as he sits down with Seth Green (Family Guy, the Austin Powers trilogy) as they discuss Seth’s ambitious entertainment career. Seth chats about everything from acting, to voice over work, and production.

KPCS: Josh Charles #241

Join Kevin as he sits down with actor Josh Charles (Sports Night, The Good Wife) as they discuss Josh’s lifelong career. Josh chats about working with other talents he admires and respects as well as playing the occasional prank on…

KPCS: Skylar Astin #238

Join Kevin as he sits down with actor Skylar Astin (Pitch Perfect, Spring Awakening) as they discuss his young passion for the craft budding into a career. Skylar chats about how theater camp summers, constant singing, taking chances will pay…

KPCS: Peter Gould #235

Join Kevin as he sits down with Peter Gould (co-creator, Better Call Saul) as they discuss creating Saul Goodman, filming in Albuquerque, and Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul character crossovers. Just a heads up, this episode contains spoilers!

KPCS: Phil LaMarr #234

Join guest host Samm Levine as he chats with actor and legendary voice artist Phil LaMarr (MADtv, Futurama) about working with Tarantino, Pee Wee’s Playhouse live on Broadway, and voicing many beloved animated characters.

KPCS: Horatio Sanz #233

Join special guest host Samm Levine as he sits down with Saturday Night Live alum Horatio Sanz! Horatio shares stories from the Chicago improv scene, his time on SNL, and his hatred of rats. Stay tuned to the end for…