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Artesano Vicente – Making Fans in Valencia

Today I met an amazing man. Not only was he skilled at his craf,t but he was approachable and exuded kindness. He kindly allowed to film him and he answered all of my questions. www.abanicosvibenca.es Insta@abanicosvibenca Facebook:Abanicos Vibenca

Mysteron – Test, draft video

This is a test draft for a tune that I made. The video is a quick and dirty draft made over a few hours. It is to highlight the music and to ask if anybody is interested in making videos…

The OBG Show Live Sun 29 Dec with Chris Paradox

Special Guest: Chris Paradox ( https://m.me/LifePracticeUniversity ) OBG Topics: – A year of hard work – CHRIS PARADOX – You’re Lazy and you make excuses – Mr Tough Love(Viewers email) – Chris Paradox interview/chat – Don’t live by the clock