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[Mario Kart 8] 50k VR

½ the way there! I think I’m done for now, I need to derust for MK8DX. Especially due to the fact that I have to start doing weekly tournaments for MK8DX again, and do more online FFAs, since the 2nd…

[Mario Kart 8] 48k VR

Yoshi’s handling is too much for me… Would have reached 48k last night but 1. I was getting tired and 2. there was some guy trying to troll me, which is a first for me in this game. He was…

[Mario Kart 8] 40k VR

Wanted to reach this 1-2 days ago but oh well. I’m aiming to reach 50k before I leave for university again. I might return in Spring Break but who knows.