Marketing Mindshift with Elijah White

Episode 342 Scott: We’ve got Elijah Whites, the man, the myth, the legend. I’m excited to have you here. Elijah, you do a lot of videos. You do a lot of photography and I think a lot of people…

Marketing Mindshift with Elijah White



Episode 342

Scott: We’ve got Elijah Whites, the man, the myth, the legend. I’m excited to have you here. Elijah, you do a lot of videos. You do a lot of photography and I think a lot of people struggle with that in their marketing.

Elijah: All the time. The biggest thing is time and scheduling. Making sure you’re not only shooting the video but you’re producing the video. Giving a finished product that can then go live and all that good stuff.

Scott: That’s important making sure you’ve got good sound, making sure you’ve got good lighting. Making sure you’ve got a decent camera. The smartphone is not a bad video. It’s a pretty good camera but they’re using something on their computer and you’re taking the time to get a better webcam they want it built-in the laptop.

Elijah: Most standard webcams offer poor quality. You get a camera with your computer that’s awesome. At this point in time, everything comes with a camera. You’ve got to look at what type of camera is it. Is it going to be the best quality? It is always good to be able to test out cameras on computers before you get them. Not everybody can always do that, but cameras are getting affordable these days that if you don’t have a good webcam you can easily pick one up for a very cost-effective.

Scott: For $49.99 it’s well-worth than $99.

Elijah: Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress, you can get cost-effective cameras literally just littering the streets. If you don’t have a good phone on it and you have a DSLR, there are a lot of different cameras you can use that you probably already have. Maybe you’ve got to change some settings and things like that. It depends on the type of quality. If you’re trying to get video content out there, that’s one thing to getting started. As you get better at it, you want to have the quality. The quality video, quality audio are going to be some of the biggest selling points on why people continue to watch videos because they want to visually see what’s going on and then they also want to hear what you’re saying. If they can’t hear what you’re saying then subtitles work as well.

Scott: One of the things that I see happening people are doing videos online and doing a case study deal or they get a new list of assets. Some people are good at posting photos of the property and other people put this map. This map out where you can’t tell what the property looks like, “I’ve got twelve assets in here. Do you want to partner with me?” There’s no smell to it, there’s no scent to it, nothing to excite people about that aspect of things. What are some simple things that people can do even they just find a street view photo?

Elijah: Google Street View is an easy tool to use to be able to zoom in. You can either use Street View or even Apple Maps that comes standard on iPhone or something like that. Those platforms give you a 3D look and you can zoom in, go out a little bit of an angle or get a different viewpoint of it. You can even utilize some of those resources. I would say right now, Google Maps being the most prominent. The easiest way to use because they’ve done a killer job on mapping out the world and where they haven’t, they’re on the check too. Apple Maps feeds a lot from Yelp and other platforms like that. If you can’t find what you’re looking for through Google, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to go through the map apps and find what you’re looking for there.

Scott: When we’re looking for photos of properties, oftentimes, there are so many other, whether Google Maps. We like to jump on Bing too. Bing often has some better photos of the property and more recent stuff from time to time.

Elijah: Bing is well-known for their images. When you were looking at some of these platforms, a lot of people make fun of Bing. I made fun of Bing plenty of times. You see some of these college humor shows, they made fun of Bing, but Bing did a good job on utilizing images with the inside of their search engine. A lot of applications took note of that and they started utilizing Bing. Being able to tap into their whole system to start being able to hold that information. Google started to kick up their photos and it’s important to contribute content. We talked about it plenty of times, video, photos, all that stuff, on a regular basis. That’s because they’re also seeing where the world is going and what people like to see and review. Bing was definitely an early adopter hitting the images hard.

Scott: One of the things that you’ve done in the past, I know you’ve gone over a milestone over five million views on the photos that you’ve taken on Google.

Elijah: I’m approaching twenty million.

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