Podcast 29: Camming Event / Awards In June 2018 and Camming News!

No real theme for today’s show. We’ll just be going over the camming news, and there’s a lot to talk about. Two award shows (XBIZ And Bucharest) have just wrapped up, the AW Summit is going on right now and…

Podcast 29: Camming Event / Awards In June 2018 and Camming News!



No real theme for today’s show. We’ll just be going over the camming news, and there’s a lot to talk about. Two award shows (XBIZ And Bucharest) have just wrapped up, the AW Summit is going on right now and Exxxotica is going on this weekend. We’ve got tons of Clips4Sale news and updates, tips from Webcam Startup contributors and more camming news.

Week In Review

2018 Bucharest Summit Award Winners:

The winners of the 2018 Bucharest Summit Awards has been announced. The Bucharest Summit recognizes the best studios, models and companies in Camland.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/2018-bucharest-summit-award-winners/

2018 XBIZ Cam Award Winners:

XBIZ Miami has wrapped up. During XBIZ Miami, the 2018 Cam Awards were hosted, and the winners have been announced.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/2018-xbiz-cam-award-winners/

2018 Exxxotica Chicago Starts June 8th:

Exxxotica returns to Chicago this weekend! This is the second stop for Exxxotica, as they move East across the nation.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/exxxotica-chicago-2018/

2018 AW Summit Going On Right Now:

The AW Summit is currently going on in Mamaia, Romania. This is right on the heels of the Bucharest Summit which also takes place in Romania.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/2018-aw-summit/

Empress Mika: Should I Tell My Friends and Family?:

Empress Mika gives a checklist of pros and cons to revealing your profession to your friends and family. Mika also gives some questions that camgirls should ask themselves.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/telling-friends-family-camgirl/

Katy Churchill: Camgirl Planning For Taking Time Off Work:

Whether it’s planning for vacation or a medical emergency, there is going to be time when camgirls will need to take time off of work. A little preparation makes everything stress-free and easier.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/camgirls-taking-time-off/

Camgirls: Creating Customer Avatars by Roselynn Locks:

Roselynn’s video tutorial on how to create customer avatars. Doing this helps understand and target the customers you want.

Full Post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjJbGxnWSdk

Clips4Sale 2018 Summer Soles Promotion:

Clips4Sale has announced their 2018 Summer Soles Promotion. This is a fun hybrid of summer and foot fetish content.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/clips4sale-2018-summer-soles-foot-fetish-promotion/

Gay Camming Site Randy Blue Live Purchased By Flirt4Free:

Flirt4Free has acquired gay camming site Randy Blue Live. To celebrate the merger, there will be a week of free shows from top Randy Blue models.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/flirt4free-acquires-gay-camming-site-randy-blue-live/

iWantClips Offers Bonus To YouKandy Models Who Signup:

iWantClips is offering a limited-time bonus for YouKandy webcam models that signup with their platform. $50 to the first 100 YouKandy models who register.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/youkandy-bonus-iwantclips/

Clips4Sale Launches Pioneer With Neil:

Clips4Sale has launched Pioneer With Neil, a new “Shark Tank Style” series. Pitch your venture to Neil, and you might receive the venture capital and other resources to make it a reality.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/clips4sale-pioneer-with-neil/

Flirt4Free Show Pass: Subscription To Access Older Camming Shows:

Flirt4Free has launched their Show Pass. This is either a 24 hour or monthly subscription to access old recorded content. Models don’t get compensated for the subscription service.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/flirt4free-announces-show-pass/

New ManyVids Payouts: Cosmopay, Paxum and Entropay:

ManyVids has announced new payment options. This is in response to FirstChoice Pay shutting down. Those options include Cosmopay (NOT Cosmo Payment), Paxum and Entropay.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/manyvids-cosmo-paxum-entropay/

Clips4Sale Now Offering 80% On Tributes:

Fetish Clip site Clips4Sale has boosted up the model/studio percentage on donations and tributes. That percentage is now at 80%.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/clips4sale-donations-and-tributes-raised-to-80/

Other Camming News:

Instagram Brings Back #Stripper Hashtag Due To Complaints – Instagram censoring / banning / ghost-banning users of specific hashtags is nothing new. But returning a hashtag due to outcry is something new. Due to backlash, Instagram has returned the #Stripper hashtag.

SESTA: US Sex Guide Reopens; Hosted Overseas – US Sex Guide has relocated to the Netherlands and reoppened under a Netherlands TLD. This demonstrates a major flow of SESTA/FOSTA, as the USA can’t write policy for the entire globe (as much as we think we can).

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