Podcast 36: Presentation of YNOT by Jay Kopita

Today, we have special guest Jay Kopita from YNOT. jay will be discussing the various products, services and ventures offered by YNOT. YNOT Products / Events / Services: YNOT – YNOT features adult industry news and resources. News items added…

Podcast 36:  Presentation of YNOT by Jay Kopita



Today, we have special guest Jay Kopita from YNOT. jay will be discussing the various products, services and ventures offered by YNOT.

YNOT Products / Events / Services:

YNOT – YNOT features adult industry news and resources. News items added daily and a daily recap email is also sent out.

YNOT Cam – Camming model tips, resources and interviews.

YNOT Mail: Adult-Friendly Email Marketing – Information on YNOT Mail. YNOT Mail is an adult-friendly email marketing solution powered by YNOT.

YNOT Network: Adult-Friendly Industry Social Network – YNOT recently deployed YNOT Network. YNOT Network is an adult-friendly social network and the new home of the YNOT Forums.

YNOT Shoot Me – The site is a collaboration with accomplished adult industry event photographer Buster Brown.

2018 YNOT Cam Awards – The 1st ever YNOT Cam Awards will be taking place in LA on October 24th, 2018. The categories have been announced and the nomination process is open.

2018 YNOT Awards – the 2018 YNOT Awards return to Prague on Sept 15th, 2018. The nominees have been announced and the voting is now open.

YNOT Magazine – YNOT’s newest venture. YNOT recently deployed a digital magazine, as well as a short-run print magazine.

Week In Review:

ManyVids Officially Launches MV Live – Camming Site Functionality – It’s official! MV Live has launched! It’s currently in beta with limited bandwidth, meaning not everyone can be camming at the same time. There’s also been plenty of bugs reported via comments and social media.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/manyvids-camming/

Chaturbate Removes ManyVids Links From Profile Pages – Leading camming site Chaturbate has removed all ManyVids links from Chaturbate profiles, citing it’s against their terms to link to competing camming sites.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/chaturbate-bans-manyvids-links/

[Aerie] How To Promote Your Private Snapchat Account – Aerie_SM gives some tips on how to promote your premium / private Snapchat subscriptions.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/snapchat-marketing/

[Katy] Separating Work Life From Personal Life – Katy gives some tips on how to balance work life with your personal life.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/separate-work-personal-life/

Unblur Media Adds ACH / Direct Deposit Payouts – Unblur Media has added ACH payouts, making it easier for USA performers to get paid.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/unblur-media-adds-ach-payouts/

Unblur Media Partners With Boleyn Models – Unblur Media has partnered with Boleyn Models. Boleyn is a leading digital camming studio, most famous for their daily pay services.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/boleyn-models-partners-unblur/

AMA with Ryder Goodee – AMA with camgirl Ryder Goodee. This is the first AMA hosted on YouTube instead of Instagram.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/ama-ryder-goodee/

ePayments Under Master Card Review – Cannot Issue Cards – ePayments is currently under review by Master Card. The e-wallet is unable to issue new or replacement debit cards during this process.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/epayments-under-master-card-review-7-31-18/

NexoCams Hosts Second CamOver With Becky LeSabre – NexoCams hosted their second CamOver, this time featuring Becky LeSabre.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/nexocams-camover-july-27-2018-becky-lesabre/

Dates Announced For 2019 XBIZ LA – The dates have been announced for the 2019 XBIZ LA. More information on the event will be provided closer to the event.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/2019-xbiz-la/

Affiliate Content:

CAM4 Affiliate Program Information – The CAM4 affiliate program has been added to CrakRevenue. Get paid a PPL on all qualified free signups.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/cam4-affiliate-program/

CrakRevenue: Leading Camming Affiliate Network – Information on CrakRevenue, the leading camming affiliate network featuring many offers from tons of leading camming sites, including several exclusive ones.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/crakrevenue-affiliate-network/

PantyBayCash: Official PantyBay Affiliate Program – Official affiliate program for PantyBay. PantyBay mixes camming with panty sales.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/pantybay-affiliate-program/

CamsPower: Official XCams Affiliate Program – Information on CamsPower, the official affiliate program for XCams / XModels. Features one of the most customizable whitelabeled site builders on the market.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/xcams-affiliate-program/

Adult Camming Affiliate WordPress Plugins – A list of WordPress plugins developed specifically for adult webcam affiliate marketers.

Full Post: http://webcamstartup.com/adult-camming-affiliate-wordpress-plugins/

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