Study with me – 9 hours – LET’S DO THIS

🔔 TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS to get study reminders! 🔔 Ahhhh it’s finally happening!! 🤩 Happy Winter Time 🎆 ❄ With the exam season near for so many, I hope the live streams bring the motivation you need to study adequately…

Study with me - 9 hours - LET'S DO THIS



🔔 TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS to get study reminders! 🔔
Ahhhh it’s finally happening!! 🤩
Happy Winter Time 🎆 ❄
With the exam season near for so many, I hope the live streams bring the motivation you need to study adequately to prepare for the exams!! 📚
I will be here almost every day to help you study! 🙌 With study and motivation tips, I try to boost you every hour during the break time. 🗣
Let’s go get it 💪

🔴 About this live stream:
Today lunch break is after session: 4

📆 Calendar:
Check the banner image on my YouTube channel:

⏲ Time zones
The time zone of Belgium depends on the season:
AUTUMN/WINTER (31 October 2021 – 27 March 2022): Timezone = CET = UTC +1
SPRING/SUMMER (27 March 2022 – 30 October 2022): Timezone = CEST = UTC +2

As of today the time zone of Belgium is UTC +1.
As of today the difference between other popular timezones:

PST (Pacific USA): substract 9 hours
EST (Eastern USA): substract 6 hours
BRT (Brasilia): substract 4 hours
GMT (UK, Portugal): substract 1 hour

EET (Eastern Europe: Egypt, Jordan): add 1 hour
Turkey, Iraq: add 2 hours
IST (India): add 4.5 hours
BST (Bangladesh): add 5 hours

🔽 Frequently Asked Questions 🔽
❓ How to study with a live stream?
▪ PREP 🤔
1. Check the live stream calendar to know when to join
2. Make a study plan for the day
3. Make sure to be in time!!
4. Get your books and school supplies ready!

▪ START of live stream
1. Engage in the chat conversations to experience group accountability! 👯‍ The community is so sweet and positive, they will help you get through it!
2. Turn off notifications and put away any other sources of distraction!

▪ Get STUDYING 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♂️ (50 min)
1. Focus on achieving your goals for the first hour only.
2. Drink lots of WATER 💧
3. When you find yourself distracted, write the distracting thought away on a piece of paper! 📃
4. When you feel like giving up, look at the stream, and the number of people watching. You’re not alone in this. 🤗 Don’t give up yet. Try to stay at least until the next break. People will be in the chat to cheer you up, or ask help from Heleen.

▪ Take a BREAK ⏸ (10 min)
1. Reflect on your progress so far. Readjust the goals for the next sessions when necessary. 🤨
2. Drink lots of WATER 💧
3. Walk around for a bit: it increases blood flow and it’s good for your legs and back! 🚶‍♂️
4. Chat away. Ask for other peoples progress, or share your own! 💬
5. Organize your desk in the meantime 📎
6. Get motivated by Heleens pep talks! 🤩

▪ General tips ℹ
1. Arrange a reward for your hard work at the end of the day, examples include: watching tv show, gaming, petting pets, meeting friends, working out, … ! ✨
2. Be proud for any progress you make. Little steps forward are still steps forward! 📈
3. Turn on notifications, to be reminded of your study sessions. 🔔
4. Put the livestream on full screen, to avoid getting distracted by YouTube’s suggested videos. 💻
5. Go to bed in time. Go get that beauty (and brain) sleep! 💤
6. Motivation tips? 📈 Watch my video:

❔ What is your name?
My name is Heleen, nice to meet you! 🙋‍♀️

❓ How old are you?
I’m 24 (born 1997).

❔ What do you study? 📖
I graduated from uni as chemical engineer in 2019. Due to the pandemic I have more time, and I spend my free time studying personal finance, communication skills, and economy.
I also spend a lot of my time working on my YouTube channel, to improve its motivational power for the students watching it.

❓ Do you have pets?
Ella is my 13 year old European Shorthair cat (born 2008) 🐈. She’s queen 👑

❔ Do you have hobbies?
I spend most of my time working as an R&D engineer and studying on my YouTube channel. Besides meeting with some friends, you can find me on a wall… bouldering 🧗‍♀️. I also enjoy joining Zumba and body combat group classes.

❓ Where do you live? 🌆
Belgium! 🖤💛❤

❓ What school supplies do you use? 🖊
My all-time favorite school supplies are shown in this video:

❔ How can I contact you? ✉
Business inquiries 📧:
Personal 💌: DM me on Instagram:

🔗 Links:
▪ Instagram:
▪ Calendar: see the banner on my YouTube channel:
▪ Discord:

A special thanks to all moderators for all their efforts to keep the studying environment safe and positive ❣ Also, thank you to my loyal followers for their joy and care for our community 💓

Big hug, and of course: good luck 🍀❤

PS: if you read this, type a cookie in the chat 🍪

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