The Underground in Europe (Video)

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The Underground in Europe (Video)



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About “The Undergound in Europe”

The title of this track is based on the title of a Pantera track “The Underground in America”

City Weezle is a band born out of the underground
in France and Ireland in a scene with Artists such as Vladimir Bozar n’ ze sheraf orkestar” “Clurichaun”
“Igorrr” “Pryapisme” “Sebkha chotte” and many more..

Being from this underground scene in Europe doing a play on that song title is what inspired the music and lyrics of this track.

The music is a mix of European clichés and Queenesque metal meets Tenacious-D style humour.
For all you theory buffs out there, it’s the only City Weezle song thus far to include the major key.

The lyrics and music of the track evoke much European Imagery from Asterix and Obelix to Oliver Twist.
There’s a part in towards the end that evokes The Braveheart scene where the Scots use the long stakes to Wipe out the English Cavelry.

The song ends with a priest saying a prayer in english then Latin to a church organ playing in the background.
This montage contains extracts from these Movies and TV Shows.

Braveheart,The Tudors,
Vikings,Rome,Montypython -The Holy Grail
Black sails,Zulu,Barry Lyndon,Troy,Amadeus
Ben Hur,King of Jesters,Oliver Twist
Food Glorius food musical,Harry Potter,
The Cable guy,Bram stokers Dracula,
The Borgias,Asterix vs Caesar,
Robin Hood – Men in tights
Gladiator,Shakespear in love,
Mary Queen of Scots,PBS-Marie Antoinette
King Arthur – Legend of the sword

Welcome to Europe
A land of knights and kings
Priests, Bishops, Popes and Brutal Vikings

Nobility runs in the family tree
And royalty’s in the blood we’ve spilt for centuries
For blue blood is true blood

We believe in justice and sail to foreign lands
To liberate them from savagery and help them understand

That the forks go to the left and the knives go to the right
Oh the glasses must gleam and reflect the candle light
That lights up this banquet

Tonight we shall dine, drink the finest of wine
With the pompous cream of society
Such civilised words never seemed so absurd
But here the wisest of fools speak so eloquently

It’s the underground in Europe with the romans marching by
But Asterix and Obelix will never ever die
It’s the underground in europe where the queen drinks cups of tea
Knowing that most peope still live in poverty

Please sir, may I have some more?
That child is incorrigible,
It’ll be off the to the workhouse with him then sir?

I am the King and you are my fools
Lest ye forget these are the golden rules
Ye live by or die!

This land is my land and I create it’s laws
For I speak the word of god and fight for a noble cause

My knights in shining armour will protect the common farmer
From tribal attacks as long as he pays tax
He’ll live to see then end of

This Tragedy as it unfolds we’ll see
The rise and fall of society
Oh never a man were as great as I am
and never will there be…. another


God Save the Queen!
God save her precious neck from the gillotene
Long live the King
And all those bloody wars he’s waging…

I lead my legions off to war
They wade through fields of mud and blood it’s torture
Plague will spread across the land
For king and country we will stand
Hold… Hold… Hold… Hold…

Excalibur:He Who holds the sword hold the key to the kingdom of Eternity.

Do unto others as they have done unto you
And to yourself be always true
Be not afraid where truth may lie
For in the end we all must die

In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti

Drums – Ai”Drum Ninja”Uchida

Bass – Kengo”Bass Samurai”Mochizuki

Keys – Axel”Wunderkind”Steinbiss

Guitars and Vocals – Simon”The Vocal Viking”Fleury

Additional Guitars – Pierre Schmidt

Additional Piano – CSL Parker

Video Montage – Simon W. Bush

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